Social Media Officer

We are looking to hire an experienced Social Media Officer who will be responsible for supervising the daily activities of the account managers including but not limited to: Monitoring the development of Marketing/ Communication/ Media Plans in line with clients’ requirements, updating accounts content, etc., in addition to handling multiple clients’ accounts as assigned by the line manager.

Main Roles and Responsibilities:
  •       Supervise, lead and guide the account managers in managing clients’ accounts utilizing various social media platforms, understanding clients’ requirements, and preparing effective Marketing/ Communication/ Media Plans to ensure client satisfaction.
  •       Oversee multiple social media accounts for assigned clients on different social media platforms including but not limited to: (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Storehouse, and LinkedIn) and handle clients’ online and offline presence on social media, as requested by the line manager.
  •       Ensure the alignment of the designed advertising ideas with the clients’ requirements, set budget, and business objectives.
  •       Administer updating client information, as well as accounts content including posts, interviews, articles, and newsletters on various social media platforms to ensure performing the same on a regular basis and meet clients’ expectations.
  •       Provide training to the Social Media Management Team on the best practices and latest trends in Social Media.
  •       Review benchmark analysis “Competitive Analysis” prepared by Social Media Management Team Members to acquire market-related information and gain an insight into the latest market trends and executed Marketing/ Communication/ Media Plans and provide recommendations to the line manager accordingly.
  •       clients to develop new materials that will be posted on social media accounts.
Qualifications and Work Experience:
  •       Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communication, or related field.
  •       Minimum of 0-2 years of experience in the same or related field who previously managed social media accounts.
  •       Have knowledge about the latest social media trends in the market.
  •       Agency experience is a Plus.
  •       Strong follow-up, organization, and planning skills.
  •       Excellent Client Servicing skills.
  •       Ability to lead and supervise a team.


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