Elevation Burger joins Hayatt First Kuwait Pink Walkathon


We find it upsetting that according to recent studies, the death rate due to breast cancer is higher in Kuwait than it is worldwide. According to Kuwait’s Ministry of Health Records, the most common cancer diagnoses among women in Kuwait was breast cancer. Dr Tarek Sinan, Consultant and Head of the Diagnostic Imaging Center at Dar Al Shifa Hospital, has concluded that the death rate is 1:8 globally but larger amongst women in Kuwait due to late detection. According to The American Cancer Society, if detected during Phases one or two, the chances of survival goes up to %90.

Raising awareness on the importance of early-detection encourages the fact that regular checkups are mandatory. But it is also important to emphasize on methods of prevention. The World Health Organization links the lifestyle of people to their chances of getting cancer: Obesity and lack of exercise are the biggest culprits. According to multiple studies, Kuwait is one of the top 10 most obese nations in the world.

Elevation Burger believes that serving food that is nutritious, clean, and natural is our responsibility towards our community. Our Australian beef is %100 certified organic by the Organic Trade Association. This means that our cattle are never given growth hormones, and are raised in free-range pastures which don’t use pesticides or fertilizers. We also try to promote an active lifestyle by partnering with different sport events.

In an effort to do our part in raising awareness and supporting the women battling this disease, Elevation Burger’s West Mishref branch donated all of its revenues to the Ruqaya AlQatami Breast Cancer Foundation On October 29th of 2015.

Their Hayatt First Kuwait Pink Walkathon was also supposed to take place on that day, but due to the unfortunate weather conditions, it has been postponed till November, 14th, 2015.

It is not too late to do your part in supporting the cause.

To register, please visit http://www.hayatt.org/walkathon/

The month of October may be dedicated to promoting awareness of the disease, but the fight is never over.