It all began when a group of 5 dynamic Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and friends came together and set out to bring the region the food experiences it deserves from all around the world. In June 2010, they founded TABCo.

With a mission in mind and values at heart, TABCo. Quickly but steadily grew. Today we operate across the Elevation Burger brand in Kuwait with a total of 17 branches and over 260 team members and continuously expanding. TABCo’s growth will continue by expanding its brand portfolio and introducing new food concepts that comply with TABCo’s mission.

Our Mission

Advance the region’s food experience with smarter and sustainable choices

Our Values

Conscious Nourishment

At TABCo., we serve more than just food; we offer nourishment that delights the senses, enriches health, and honors the planet. Our dedication to better, sustainably sourced ingredients ensures every dish supports a healthier lifestyle.


As people make smarter food choices, we will embrace intelligent food concepts and advance customer experience.

Community Empowerment
TABCo. is committed to empowering our local Kuwaiti community with knowledge and choices that promote sustainable living. We aim to transcend the role of a dining destination to become a hub for education and advocacy, equipping our customers, employees, and partners with the tools to make a difference. Together, we can create a better and more conscious society.
Data-Driven Sustainability
Our approach to sustainability is rooted in data and continuous learning. By harnessing evidence-based strategies and insights, we ensure our practices not only adhere to but also exceed industry standards for sustainability. This commitment to analytical rigor helps us innovate responsibly, setting new benchmarks for the industry and demonstrating our deep respect for our planet.
Integrity in Every Interaction
Integrity is the cornerstone of TABCo. Across all facets of our operation, from sourcing to service, we adhere to the highest standards of transparency and ethics. This unwavering commitment ensures that our business enriches our communities and ecosystems, reflecting our belief in the transformative power of ethical business practices.

Board of Directors

Waleed Al Buaijan


AbdulAziz Al Turaiji


Abdullatif Al Bahar


Ali Ashkanani

Board Member

Khaled Al Buaijan

Board Member


AbdulAziz Al Turaiji


Abrar Al Homaizi

Talent and Culture Director

Abdulrahman Algelani

Head of Supply Chain

Abbas Habib Malanawala

Head of Finance

Eryn Bambrook

Head of Operations

Hiba Faour

Head of Marketing