Behind the Ad

COVID-19 has been an extremely tough time for all of us – but we wanted to take the time to remember the good moments that brought us together.

Elevation Burger wanted to highlight the power of human connection and remind people to appreciate their support system that got them through the last year through our latest ad “تاخذ نصي؟”

There were many funny moments throughout COVID-19 that we can all relate to—and we made sure to highlight in the ad. These include:

· Working out in your living room

· Falling asleep during virtual school

· A viral video of two people hiding in plastic bags in order to break curfew

· Fooling ourselves that riding scooters is just like working out

· Stocking up on onions

· Being persuaded to come to a “small” gathering that the whole neighborhood is attending

We also included more serious moments by paying tribute to healthcare professionals on the frontlines who are risking their lives to keep our community safe and healthy.

We hope this video sparks joy and sentimentality. We hope it empowers you to push through. But most of all we hope it reminds you of your loved ones and the support system who has stood by you throughout the last year and makes you hold them a little closer.

Production Notes

The ad was a collaboration between the Elevation Burger Marketing team and Joy Productions and was shot completely on the iPhone 12. We had the pleasure of working with an amazing team including Director Khaled Al Refai, Videographer Abdulaziz Al Suraie, Writer Heba Hamadah, and the rest of the Joy productions team.